About Us

The story, vision, and team behind Deep Spirituality.

We want to help everyone experience a relationship with God that is personal, purposeful, and powerful.

About Us 1
Our story

Deep Spirituality is a digital media publication about God.

We founded Deep Spirituality in 2016 amidst a growing body of research suggesting that Americans are searching for spirituality but are increasingly turned off by religiosity.

Christianity in the Bible is attractive, life-changing, and powerful. People were never the same after meeting Jesus. He changed things and he changed the world around him.

Many religious organizations, on the other hand, are associated with rules, traditions, and a failure to innovate.

Our Editor-in-Chief Russ Ewell, an executive minister with over 35 years of experience in spiritual leadership and counseling, was convinced by this research that if we commit ourselves to a path of “Deep Spirituality,” then like Jesus, we will be able to help people find the God they are looking for. He put his thoughts into writing, and that became our first blog post.

Since then, Deep Spirituality has become a growing multimedia library produced by a team of Christians in the San Francisco Bay Area with ministry experience as well as talents in writing, video production, marketing, and graphic design.

Along with our wide network of guest contributors, we are a group of people who love God and are striving to grow closer to him daily. We consult with a team of ministers who ensure our content is biblically sound so that we can present the Scriptures to our audience with confidence.

Our work is personal and genuine; as we strive to follow the path of Deep Spirituality, we share our lessons learned and our victories won in the form of tools anyone can use. When believe that when we walk with God in this way, we will find the power to change from the inside out and change the world around us like Jesus changed his.

We hope that our devotionals, videos, podcast episodes, and other tools make the power of a personal relationship with God accessible to everyone—regardless of your religious affiliation, church membership, or experience with the Bible.

Our mission

We want to make it easy and accessible for everyone to deepen their faith and transform their walk with God.

Our mission is to help everyone access the power of Deep Spirituality in their day-to-day lives. To do this, we create tools that anyone can use to get to know God for themselves and develop a personal relationship with him.

Through our work, we would like those who have never known the God of the Bible will learn to build a relationship with him, and those who perhaps have grown disillusioned will reignite their sense of spiritual curiosity to get to know God in a way they never have before.

Our team

The Deep Spirituality team is a group of creatives who are passionate about learning how to walk with God.

We want to share our lessons learned and our victories won in the form of tools anyone can use.

About Us 5

Russ Ewell is our Editor-in-Chief and he writes, speaks, and directs our team to produce high-quality spiritual content. He is the executive minister of a large and growing church in the San Francisco Bay Area and has over thirty-five years of experience in spiritual counseling and ministry leadership. He is a husband and father of three, and in his spare time, he is also an entrepreneur. Russ has been recognized with a Jefferson Award and a Congressional Citation in recognition of his impact on youth and individuals with special needs in the Bay Area.

About Us 6
Director of Visual Content
As the director of visual content, Vincent oversees the design layout and visual impact of marketing materials, products, or publications. He also directs the production of our video content. Vince has a BA in Broadcasting and Electronic Communications as well as a Master’s degree in Television and Film. If he’s not behind the camera, he’s probably cooking—Vince is our resident food snob and loves exploring the San Francisco Bay Area’s best eats.
About Us 7
Video & Podcast Producer

Nathan helps us create deep and engaging videos and podcast episodes. He takes our ideas from abstract concepts to meaningful and creative spiritual tools. Nathan is an avid learner and loves honing his craft in his free time. When he’s not on YouTube learning new video editing skills, Nathan serves as a volunteer leader in his church and enjoys reading books, watching black-and-white movies, and refining his fake British accent.

About Us 8
Managing Editor
Amy oversees our daily publishing operations. In addition to writing and editing when needed, she ensures that all our content meets a standard of excellence and professionalism. Before she began working on the Deep Spirituality team, Amy spent over a decade in the full-time ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her free time, Amy enjoys exploring the Bay Area with her family, attempting to make recipes she saw on the Great British Baking Show, and laughing at grammar jokes.
About Us 9
Marketing Manager
As our marketing manager, Mike helps us create content that best meets the spiritual needs of our growing audience. Mike worked in web design and marketing for four years before he decided to serve in the full-time ministry. Now, he loves that he gets to combine his sets of skills at Deep Spirituality. In his free time, Mike loves hanging out with his wife and daughter, playing the guitar, and experimenting with new typefaces (yes, really).
About Us 10
Alexis is a writer for our blog, videos, narrative podcast, social media, and more. She is passionate about using her creative skills to apply spiritual concepts to music and other forms of pop culture. In her free time, she volunteers as a mentor for high school and college students and also enjoys overanalyzing movie and TV show plots, curating the perfect Spotify playlist, and getting a little too much confidence from her ability to beat word games.
About Us 11
Graphic Designer
Melissa is the artist behind our visual tools. She has a degree in Graphic Design and is known for her ability to turn complex spiritual ideas into beautiful, tangible visuals. Melissa spends her free time making jokes with friends, looking for the best sushi place in the Bay Area, and trying to bring the hyphy era of music back.
About Us 12
Video Editor
As our video editor, Kenzo films and edits our videos to create clear messages in creative ways. He has a BA in Radio, Television, and Film. Between editing videos, Kenzo loves playing League of Legends, impressing his friends with magic tricks, and eating Filipino food.
About Us 13
Digital Publisher
Parker ensures that every piece of content is posted accurately and on time on its respective platform. Lucky for us, Parker is a techie—he really enjoys computer science, programming, and other brainy things. He also dabbles in analytics and website development and maintenance. Fun facts: Parker is an amateur photographer and a die-hard LA Chargers fan.