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Discover God as he really is.

Introducing our first book He’s Not Who You Think He Is: Dropping Your Assumptions and Discovering God for Yourself.

Are you interested in God, but turned off by what you see in organized religion?

In He’s Not Who You Think He Is, minister and entrepreneur Russ Ewell invites you to discover a refreshingly original way of thinking about Christianity and the God of the Bible. Religious traditions, people around you, and even your own emotions can lead you to assume negative things about God that aren’t true: that he does not care about your pain, that he is preoccupied with making you feel guilty, that he wants a performance from you more than he wants a relationship, or that he limits you instead of giving you purpose.

In this book, you’ll learn key steps you can take to reimagine walking with God:

  • Turning unhealthy thoughts about God into healthy ones

  • Understanding the difference between God and religion
  • Recognizing when people or emotions are replacing God in your life
  • Becoming aware of unfinished emotional business and how it affects your view of God
  • Rebuilding your emotional life to find a personal friendship with God

Whether you grew up in a church or have never set foot in one, Ewell’s unique blend of insights from over 35 years of ministry work and his extensive knowledge of the Bible will guide you to build a personally satisfying and intimate relationship with God. You will discover Christianity the way it was meant to be: life-changing, innovative, and undeniably attractive.

What you’ll find in the second edition.

He’s Not Who You Think He Is is the second edition to 2010’s When God Isn’t Attractive. Not only have sections of the book been rewritten for clarity, but new tools have also been added to make this book a dynamic guide for growing your relationship with God.

Book – He’s Not Who You Think He Is 2

Visual journal pages

Each chapter ends with a “Dive Deep” visual reflection guide to help you process the themes discussed. Take notes, doodle, or double back on the scriptures referenced.

Book – He’s Not Who You Think He Is 3

Music playlists

Throughout the book, discover curated collections of songs designed to help you experience a deeper emotional connection with God.

Book – He’s Not Who You Think He Is 4

Interactive media

A scan with your phone’s camera will take you to related devotionals, podcasts, and videos, so you can bring ideas from the book into your own Bible study.