Articles that explore and explain deep spiritual truths in the Bible and the world around us.

I hate waiting. I want control. Waiting means I don’t have control, which makes me fearful, anxious, pressured, and stressed. What about you? Do you also experience emotional tumult when forced to wait, knowing what you want will be delayed or maybe never happen?

There are many benefits of hard work in the Bible. Our capacity to grow can only be sustained if we understand the spirituality of hard work.

The “Transparency Quiz” is a simple set of questions whose purpose is to sensitize and make us aware of our level of transparency. Find out where you are at and figure out how to get to where you want to be.

When Jesus spoke, he described a vision. This vision was of a world changed by his kingdom, and those who listened were transfixed.

God will test us just as he tested Abraham. This is a clear and simple truth. Reflect on these 5 surefire signs God is testing you to help get clarity on where he is trying to take you.