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    DIY studies are interactive Bible studies designed to help you build an engaging relationship with God. These studies will teach you to use various tools like podcasts and videos to engage with the Bible in a way that best fits your learning style.

    These studies were originally created for teens, but can be helpful for anyone. Click here for a printable version of this study.

    This study will look at our relationship with God.

    When we believe we are chosen, God will refine our faith so that through trials and suffering our hope will grow.

    History of the Book of 1 Peter

    Peter is an apostle writing to the church. He was once a fisherman but now was a disciple, a “witness of the sufferings of Christ”. Peter is writing to encourage his rea
    ders to endure suffering and persecution by giving themselves entirely to God. – From Intro to 1 Peter


    This video will provide background to the message in the book of 1 Peter.


    If you think you would benefit from listening to the Bible and your Bible app does not have an audio feature for NLT, check out this audiobook version of the book of 1 Peter in NLT so you can read along.



    “You have been ‘chosen’ in keeping with what God the Father had planned. That happened through the Spirit’s work to make you pure and holy. God chose you so that you might obey Jesus Christ. God wanted you to be in a covenant relationship with him. He established this relationship by the blood of Christ.”

    1 Peter 1:2 NIrV


    • God chooses us to have a best friendship, relationship with him through Christ’s forgiveness.
    • Having a relationship with God gives us hope.
    • God’s Spirit works in our lives to make us pure and holy. Sometimes things happen to teach us how to be good.


    Describe what a best friendship is like?


    …In his great mercy he has given us a new birth and a living hope. This hope is living because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. [4] He has given us new birth so that we might share in what belongs to him. This is a gift that can never be destroyed. It can never spoil or even fade away. It is kept in heaven for you. [5] Through faith you are kept safe by God’s power…

    1 Peter 1:3-5 NIrV


    • God gives us second chances; a living hope, new birth, new start.
    • We can always have hope if we have a relationship with God.
    • A relationship with God makes us feel secure and new.


    … You have joy even though you may have had to suffer for a little while. You may have had to suffer sadness in all kinds of trouble. [7] Your troubles have come in order to prove that your faith is real.

    1 Peter 1:6-7 NIrV


    • God does not make bad things happen to us but he uses the trials we go through in our life to build our faith and to show us where our faith is actually at.

    Review or Reflect

    • Can you think of a time when a trial/challenge helped you turn to God? Can you think of a time when God answered your prayer?

    How to Start Praying

    T.R.U.E. Prayer is an acronym that can help you start learning to pray.

    • T = Thanksgiving
    • R = Requests/Needs
    • U = Uncovering Sin
    • E = Emotions

    For Further Study

    Bible Study:

    • Read the rest of 1 Peter
    • Psalm 27:1-5 NLT


    Take a cinema look at how trials refined Peter’s life as a disciple.


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