How To Become Passionate

Finding passion is a difficult thing. We can be hobbyist with things, but not true passion. Having it be a burning fire within you that leads you to your destiny.

God, you are my God. I seek you with all my heart. With all my strength I thirst for you in this dry desert where there isn’t any water. [2] I have seen you in the sacred tent. There I have seen your power and your glory. [3] Your love is better than life. So I will bring glory to you with my lips. [4] I will praise you as long as I live. I will call on your name when I lift up my hands in prayer. [5] I will be as satisfied as if I had eaten the best food there is. I will sing praise to you with my mouth.

Psalm 63:1-5 NIrV

This Psalmist considers God’s love better than life. He gets his everything from God. Take the time to pray about your emotions to get your passion from God. If you don’t, you suppress your emotion, and that is when you suppress your passion, so don’t ignore what you need to pray about. You can’t build anything without passionate people because those with passion believe it is their destiny to revolutionize whatever God has put on their heart to do. Until we believe it is our destiny we will never be passionate. If adversity stops you, then you are not passionate yet. So a daily renewal of your focus on your purpose will help you to become passionate.

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