Having a Great Quiet Time, Part Two

A quiet time, or the time we spend with God, is meant to leave us feeling more passionate than before. But too often, guilt and a hyper-focus on rules and human judgment can cloud the clarity necessary to see how God is trying to speak to and lead us. This is why we need a “sacred space” to clear our minds of everything that could distract us to weigh us down.

With sacred focus such as this, we are freed up to engage in sacred listening, where we read the Bible to hear God’s voice rather than to be told what we are doing wrong. This allows us to enter into a sacred conversation with God, where we can talk to him about our thoughts, emotions, and desires.

Join Russ Ewell and friends in the second part of this series as they discuss this need to understand the importance of God’s forgiveness in the midst of our own guilt and self-judgment, in order to become more passionate and confident in our purpose. Also discussed is the introduction of our new DIY studies. These studies are not only meant for teenagers, but for anyone looking to learn how to build a personal relationship with God that is not dependent on another person. DIY studies are meant to help us learn how to have these times with God on our own, along with creative ways we can connect, which will look different for each individual.

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