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“Then the one who received two thousand dollars came and said, ‘Sir, I knew that you are a hard person to please. You harvest where you haven’t planted and gather where you haven’t scattered any seeds. [25] I was afraid. So I hid your two thousand dollars in the ground. Here’s your money!’

Matthew 25:24-25 GW

God gives each of us talents, but it can be easy to become competitive, proud, or ungrateful with the talents we’ve been given.

When we get burdened by the guilt of not using our talents to help other people, we become selfish and hold back our talents. At some point, money, ambition, or status won’t be enough to keep us motivated. We need to trust that God gave us our talents for a reason, and be grateful enough to serve others with our talents.

Join Russ Ewell and friends as they discuss how important it is to use our talents for good.

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The Deep Spirituality Podcast is a show about having spiritual conversations. Join our Editor-in-Chief Russ Ewell and guests as they have candid discussions on spiritual topics ranging from faith to anxiety to vulnerability, inspiring you to go deeper in your relationship with God and have challenging and honest conversations of your own.

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