Silence The Crowd: How To Do Well Spiritually, Part Two

In Part Two of our How To Do Well Spiritually, Russ and the team dive into the remaining steps to help all of us do well spiritually with God everyday.

God’s blessings follow you and await you at every turn: when you don’t follow the advice of those who delight in wicked schemes, When you avoid sin’s highway, when judgment and sarcasm beckon you, but you refuse.

Psalm 1:1 Voice

It is hard to drown out the daily influences we experience, sometimes unknowingly, that cause us to feel like we are less or we are falling behind from our peers. One of the biggest steps to doing well spiritually is “thinking for yourself” because the noise from the crowd can be deafening and we do not realize we have stopped thinking for ourselves. We have to streamline our lives to focus on what is important, and if that is doing well spiritually then that will be the things we decide to focus on. If we focus we can throw off the Encumbrances (distractions) & Entanglements (sins) that prevent us from doing well spiritually and focus on the consistent, daily effort it takes to do the spiritual work before us.

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