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DIY: How Do I Respond to Pain?

This study is meant to help us know how to handle pain. Whether it’s failing a test, rejection from a crush, or losing a loved one, we all have experienced pain to a certain degree at some point in our lives. This study will look at four different ways we can respond to pain, and how God can help us when we’re going through these painful experiences.
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A Godly Influence: Human vs. God Mindset

There is no greater example of this in the Bible than that of King Josiah. Prior to Josiah, the kings of Judah and Israel had been living incredibly sinful and godless lives. In doing so, the whole nation was led astray. But all of this changed when the 26-year-old king decided to leave the human mindset behind and embrace a God mindset, starting with his desire and decision to rebuild God’s temple.
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Truth is a Beautiful Thing

What is my relationship with the truth? Do I suppress, exchange, reject, or welcome truth? In what area of my life and relationships do I resist facing truth most? How has my attitude and response to truth affected others?