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Quenching the Soul Thirst

Are you aware of your insecurities? The Bible describes insecurity as a "soul thirst," one that we try to quench with others' approval or our own achievements but that can never be fully satisfied without God. We all struggle with the need for security and feeling like we are good enough, and this is especially true for teenagers.
courage is a choice
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Courage is a Choice

A courageous person is someone who isn’t shaken by circumstances, may experience fear but doesn’t live in it, and is secure and strong no matter what. Does this describe you?
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Money Can’t Buy Me Love

It is easy to try to rely on something as tangible as money for security. What are times in your life when you have faced guilt or regret, and relied on wealth or money, rather than turning to God for forgiveness?
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Overcoming Insecurity

Where do you get your security from? When we base our identity on things that can change, like our appearance, our abilities, or the attention we receive, we will tend to be insecure.