Trusting God means believing that everything in our lives is happening for a reason. Do you have this attitude toward God influencing you and your decisions in your life? When we don’t have a personal and emotional connection to how God is moving, the Christian life can feel monotonous or burdensome, leading us to settle for religiosity as a coping mechanism.

God’s dream is to free us from the things we feel imprisoned by. He wants us to feel comforted, confident, and happy.

This is a study on how to stay calm and be at peace even when life gets crazy. Whether school is stressing you out, you feel anxious about the future, or you have conflict in relationships with friends or family that you’re afraid to deal with, God wants to be a place of refuge even in the midst of chaos.

Worry often comes from trying to control things we don’t really have control over. Learning how to trust God and letting go becomes much easier when we believe he cares about us, rewards us, and has good plans for our lives.

At the end of this, you should develop a strengthening faith capable of helping you faithfully endure anything, anytime, anywhere, because you know God is working for your good (Romans 8:28-32 Voice).