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Just two weeks after the Russian attack on Ukraine, more than two million people have fled the country.

At least half of those fleeing are children, and emerging stories of attacks on civilians have been incredibly difficult to hear. 

As Christians, it can be hard to know how to think spiritually about situations like these. We may begin to question whether God is really in control, or feel helpless and wonder if there is anything we can do. 

It’s questions like these that make our conversation in this podcast episode so poignant and important. This episode involves Christian Ray Flores, who started the Ukraine Relief Network as a decentralized way of giving aid directly to Ukrainian people in need. 

Though these kinds of topics are nuanced and difficult to discuss, they also remind us of why innovation within our faith is so important as Christians. We must constantly seek out those in need and be creative in our attempts to meet their needs. 

Check out the podcast episode, and if you would like to learn more about the Ukraine Relief Fund or make a contribution, head over to their website.

About our guest

Christian Ray Flores has a diverse international background, having lived in North and South America, Africa, and Europe. He speaks four languages and has a Master of Science in Economics. Christian had a successful music career in the ‘90s in Russia, and has since co-founded three different companies. One of those companies, Third Drive, focuses on digital media and venture development.

Christian has worked in ministries in cities around the globe including Moscow, Russia and Kyiv, Ukraine. His non-profit Ascend Mission Fund lifts children out of poverty in Mozambique through the Ascend Academy and recently launched the Ukraine Relief Network providing aid to war refugees in Ukraine. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three daughters.


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