When people become god, we acquiesce to the pressure of popular opinion and silence the dream that God has placed within us.

    Under the condescending glare of the crowd, we choose to conform rather than to make a difference. In the end, these human forces instill in us a deep and paralyzing fear of being different, smothering the transformative power God has given each one of us to become who we were meant to be.

    As long as we conform to the pattern of this world, we won’t be able to develop a transformational relationship with God. We won’t be able to see the destiny he has in mind for us, nor will we be able to make this dream come true.

    The following is a collection of supplemental devotionals, videos, and podcast episodes, to expand on Chapter 3 of the book, He’s Not Who You Think He Is: Dropping Your Assumptions and Discovering God for Yourself, and to help you develop a fresh perspective on God.


    This article was developed by the Deep Spirituality Editorial Staff.

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