Author: Russ Ewell

As the Editor-in-Chief for Deep Spirituality, Russ Ewell writes, teaches, and innovates with his eyes on the future. His teaching is rooted in providing hope for those turned off by tradition, and infused with vision for building the transformative church for which the 21st century hungers. His passion to inspire even the most skeptical to view God through fresh eyes can be found in his book “When God Isn’t Attractive”.

The “Transparency Quiz” is a simple set of questions whose purpose is to sensitize and make us aware of our level of transparency. Find out where you are at and figure out how to get to where you want to be.

Pray about your lack of trust in God. What areas of your life are you unwilling to trust God with, and how has this affected your desire to pray? How has it affected your desire to read your Bible?

When Christians are not experiencing the personal joy and inspiration of Bible reading, then something will be missing in them as well as the community of believers with whom they fellowship. There will be a lack of energy, interest, faith, hope, and love.

The next time you feel like you are foolish and don’t understand something, remember Jesus, like God, is patient and will work you through things until they are clear. He will comfort you along the way, easing your anxiety and bringing clarity to the complexity.

Jesus was sent by God to be the chief persuader. He was on a mission to convince, and in John 11:32-44 he is faced with grief, one of the most traumatic afflictions of faith any human being can experience. The sisters of Lazarus had watched their brother die when Jesus failed to arrive, and were plunged into deep grief accompanied by doubt. This grieving doubt had an emotional effect on Jesus as Scripture says he was “deeply moved” (John 11:33,38).