Each study plan contains several devotionals to be read in sequence, prepared to help take your Bible study to the next level.

This study series dives into the book of John in the Bible to provide practical study as well as thought-provoking questions for creating a meaningful interaction between you and God.

“The 12 Days of Jesus” are meant to deconstruct our traditional views of him – to put us on a path toward the freedom to see Jesus not as tradition teaches he should be, but as scripture says he really is.

When reading Scripture, there is no shortage of profound spiritual mystery, interaction, and activity. So why is Christianity seen as more organizational than spiritual?

The Scriptures describe this meditative state as quietness or stillness, where we refuse to let our mind be unsettled by things beyond our control, and instead focus completely on what God is doing and capable of doing in our lives.

“Deep Strength” is learning how to walk with God in such a way that we are strong from the inside out.

“Deep Change” is a dynamic and transformational experience of God. The result reaches deeper than superficial improvement. We become a different person.

No matter how great our talent or resources, insecurity ignored will undermine us all.