I thought about you, God, and tried to tell you how I felt, but I could not. [4] You would not let me sleep. I tried to say something, but I was too upset. [6] During the night, I thought about my songs. I talked to myself, trying to understand what is happening.

    Psalm 77:3-4,6 ERV

    In the Psalms, David often went from being unable to understand or express what he felt to not only being aware of his emotions but having them satisfied by God.

    When we are in the thick of our own emotions, this progression can feel easier said than done. Emotions can be overwhelming. Emotions were also overwhelming for David, but he had an outlet for understanding and expressing them – music!

    Music speaks to the soul and helps us express parts of ourselves that are too deep for words. Through music, we can understand and express our sadness, anger, happiness, insecurity, and so much more. Through music, David went from doubting God to loving him, from feeling hopeless to being confident God had a plan. We can use music to help us feel closer to God, as well.

    The following is a playlist based on Chapter 4 of the book, He’s Not Who You Think He Is: Dropping Your Assumptions and Discovering God for Yourself, to help you develop a fresh perspective on God and connect with him on an emotional level.

    Starting off with two of the songs/artists mentioned in the book, this playlist is full of songs that are meant to help you both understand and express what you feel. We hope they help you, and even if not all songs connect with you personally, we hope it can inspire you to make your own playlists of songs that help you connect with your emotions and with God.


    Alexis Colvin is a writer and editor for Deep Spirituality, and is passionate about using her creative skills to apply spiritual concepts to music and other forms of pop culture.

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