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    Note: This post is part of a series about building a personal relationship with God by reading the parables of Jesus. You can browse the entire series here

    The Bible gives us a powerful story about a woman who had reasons to feel bad about herself and faced criticism from other people, but Jesus didn’t see her the way other people saw her or even the way she might have seen herself.

    He loved her for who she was, and his forgiveness and care led the woman to give that much love back. The story of the forgiven woman and the Parable of the Forgiven Debt is a prime example of what can happen when we are grateful for God’s love, and how our own pride, selfishness, and criticism can hold us back from that love.

    Join Amy, Jynette, and Michele as they discuss this incredible parable and how we can respond to God’s love too.


    This article was developed by the Deep Spirituality Editorial Staff.

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