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The Bible is full of stories and heroes who are inspiring because they’re real.

They’re real people with real problems whose experiences can teach us how we can walk with God. With this in mind, we’re excited to launch our new narrative podcast series, “Paint Me a Picture.”

Each season will immerse you into a different story of Scripture, putting you in the shoes of the person in the story and bringing the Scriptures to life in ways you’ve never experienced before. We’ll also have commentary, reflective questions, nuggets of wisdom, and lots of sound effects. 

Our first season of this series will dive into the story of Jonah. 

Some of the best stories start when someone is being called to do something that seems impossible. When their life is turned upside down, and they’re forced to courageously take on something or someone. 

We all love sports movies or coming-of-age dramas because we get to watch our heroes hesitate, question themselves, want to run away, but break through anyway, coming out victorious and happy.

But let’s face it. In our daily life, it is hard to leave our comfort zone and enter into the unknown. We hide, run, freeze, or resist the call toward something greater. We often stick with what’s comfortable and less risky, even if it means we’re not that happy. 

The good thing is God takes us where we’re at, and we’re not alone. God spoke to Jonah at a time when he was settled and comfortable, not unlike many of us. 

Jonah can help us start answering questions like:

  • How can I be happy when my life feels out of my control?
  • Does God really have a good plan for my future?
  • Why do I run from God and settle?

Join us on September 29, when we will begin to travel with Jonah on his unexpected journey.

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Paint Me a Picture is a narrative podcast series that immerses you in the stories of Scripture, bringing them to life with sound effects, storytelling, and reflective commentary. As you listen, you can slow down and put yourself in the shoes of the people in the Bible and bring their experiences into your walk with God.

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