Change is something we talk about a lot on Deep Spirituality.

God continually gives us opportunities to grow in our relationship with him, our relationships with other people, and in the overall quality of our lives.

Moving into a post-pandemic world will certainly bring many opportunities for change. We expect that most of these changes will be positive — like more face-to-face relationship time with people, and more opportunities to enjoy our lives— but still, change can be hard.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. Most of us have probably built routines into our lives over the last year that won’t (or maybe shouldn’t) come with us into the future.

If you find yourself feeling resistant to the ever-changing world we live in, know that you’re not alone. But having good conversations with friends about how you’re feeling is a very important step. Change is inevitable in life, and learning how to embrace it will make us much happier along the way.

Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other

Proverbs 27:17 CEV

Our friends can help us “sharpen our minds” and let go of any old ways of thinking might be hurting our quality of life. Relationships also bring the reassurance, camaraderie, and faith we need to embrace change instead of fearing it.

We put together this fun game of Conversation Squares to facilitate some good talks and reflection. You can play this game with a few other friends or with your family. After one person picks a question and answers it, the next person can choose to answer the same question or open a new box.

Enjoy this fun way to reflect on the idea of change!

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This article was created by a member of the Deep Spirituality editorial team.

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This article was created by a member of the Deep Spirituality editorial team.

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