About this ebook

Focus is something that is important in all aspects of our life: with school, work, our relationship with God, or even in our conversations with friends. 

Having a hard time focusing can make everything else feel so much more difficult, especially if you have ADHD, ADD, or any other focus challenge. But even when our challenges make us feel weak, God can make us strong. 

Finding purpose in weakness

On the contrary, the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable.

1 Corinthians 12:22 ESV

It can be really easy to compare ourselves to other people and feel like we’re less than them because we’re not like them. However, this scripture says that those who seem to be weaker are actually indispensable. 

God gives everyone a role and purpose, and we can’t live out our role if we’re trying to be someone we’re not.

If you have ADHD or anything else that makes focus difficult, things that feel like challenges can help you have strengths you may not have otherwise had. They can make you more creative, have perspective in ways other people don’t, and understand people who feel different. 

After reading the article, “12 Ways to Maintain Focus All Day Long” and discussing with some friends who have ADHD and other focus challenges, we put together tools to help you manage and grow with your challenges. 

We have provided three templates you can use to help you focus better in your quiet times with God, your schedule, and your weekly to-do list. Additionally, we compiled ten tips to help you better maintain focus in the areas of your life that matter. These tips are in no way all-inclusive but can serve as a launching point as you learn what helps you grow with your focus challenges.