“I’m Feeling…Anxious” Spotify Playlist

Through music, we can go from feeling overwhelmed by anxiety to calm and at peace with God.

Even if I am afraid and think to myself, “There is no doubt that the darkness will swallow me, the light around me will soon be turned to night,” [12] You can see in the dark, for it is not dark to Your eyes. For You the night is just as bright as the day. Darkness and light are the same to Your eyes.

Psalm 139:11-12 Voice

When we feel anxious, it can feel similar to what the psalmist describes in this scripture. We feel like no one understands us, the darkness will swallow us whole, and there is no end in sight. Sometimes we try to explain what we’re feeling, but nothing comes out or it doesn’t make sense, and we can feel lost and alone. But no matter what is making you anxious or how it makes you feel, God can bring light to the darkness.

GOD met me more than halfway, he freed me from my anxious fears.

Psalm 34:4 MSG

God meets us more than halfway. We don’t have to have it all figured out – he takes us where we’re at and can help us get to where we need to be at the pace we need it.

And that’s where music can help us. Music speaks to the soul and helps us express parts of ourselves that are too deep for words. Through music, we can understand and express our sadness, anger, happiness, insecurity, and so much more. Through music, we can go from feeling overwhelmed by anxiety to calm and at peace with God.

The playlist is meant to display the same progression David went through in the Psalms – starting with songs about feeling lonely, rejected, and afraid of being known, and progressing to seeing how God loves us for who we are and understands what we go through. Though this progression is meant to help you work through your emotions as you listen, you can listen to the playlist in whatever order you want – it is meant to help you work through, understand and express the emotions of your heart!

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