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Note: This post is part of a series about building a personal relationship with God by reading the parables of Jesus. You can browse the entire series here

Sometimes a lot of small things built up knock us down, and other times really big storms like physical or mental health challenges, financial troubles, or relationship problems come our way.

And still other times, we’re not even sure what’s knocking us over, but we keep snapping, lashing out, or melting down, and we don’t know why.

Learning how to handle life’s ups and downs is a skill everyone needs. Jesus understands that we all need help learning how to keep going when life knocks us down. His stories in the Bible are not meant to preach to us about something theoretical or far off that we can’t relate to. He wants to show us he understands and can help us with our lives right here, right now. 

Check out our newest Mini Quiet Time about one of Jesus’ stories that teaches us how to have the internal strength to handle life’s storms. To dive deeper into the study, be sure to check out our devotional on the same parable.

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