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Our internal struggle is to find security and belonging by getting secure with God. Believing that God loves you and is with you through anything that happens in life. But without internal security we attempt to fill that void with whatever we can. We scrap for security by trying to control, putting out the vibe that no one else can help us and we got it under control. As a result we burden people with our actions, that are driven by our insecurities.

Luke 11:39 Voice
You Pharisees are a walking contradiction. You are so concerned about external things—like someone who washes the outside of a cup and bowl but never cleans the inside, which is what counts! Beneath your fastidious exterior is a mess of extortion and filth.

Russ, Nick, Brian and Ray finish their sit down on Deep Insecurities. Dealing with the emotions that drive our insecurities will help us get closer to God and find unshakeable confidence. Most of us are afraid of rejection so we aren’t willing to allow ourselves to be authentic and “wear our emotions on our sleeves.” We are afraid of losing control, so we keep what we really think and feel inside, preventing us from actually facing the things that keep us insecure. We need be honest, be real, that is what produces a loving environment that we all desire. Let’s make “messy” the normal.

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