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Just like how clutter can build up in our houses so slowly that sometimes we don’t even notice it, emotional and spiritual clutter can pile up slowly in our hearts.

It starts small, with brushing off feelings like guilt, sadness, fear, and anger instead of facing them. But then one day, something unexpected trips you up, and you find yourself falling into trouble.

The Bible describes this experience of storing up emotional and spiritual clutter as having a hard heart. While it may seem easier in the moment, hardening our hearts leads to trouble:

Blessed is the one who always trembles before God, but whoever hardens their heart falls into trouble.

Proverbs 28:14 NIV

Lucky for us, God is an expert when it comes to matters of the heart. With him, we can learn how to not just soften a hardened heart, but also recognize the signs that we’re starting to get a little cluttered before the piles become overwhelming.

The book of Psalms is full of the prayers of people trying to take difficult emotions to God. Check out our new Mini Quiet Time, where in Psalm 32, David comes to God to help him deal with the clutter of his heart.

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