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Why Am I Insecure?

The Bible teaches that, ultimately, what we each desire most is to be loved unconditionally. But when we let our fear of rejection prevent us from being honest about our thoughts, emotions, and insecurities, we end up feeling alone and never truly feel loved.
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Spiritual Burnout, Part Two

Our souls are not made whole by following the rules, or by modifying our behavior. Yet more often than not, this is the trap that snares us. We get frustrated when we put in the work to become loving people but don't get the results we want, but don't realize that our ineffectiveness is a result of our heart not being in it.
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Finding Strength in Weakness

In this video, Cameron Straw speaks candidly about his personal experiences dealing with his weaknesses, and shares the scriptures that helped him turn them into traits that could be used to help others.