Episode notes

We are excited to present to you an excerpt from the audio version of our upcoming book He’s Not Who You Think He Is: Dropping Your Assumptions and Discovering God for Yourself. This preview is from the first chapter of the book, “When God Isn’t Attractive: Turning Unhealthy Thoughts Into Healthy Ones.” When God is unattractive to us, it is usually as a result of our having unhealthy rather than healthy thoughts about him. In this chapter we address our unhealthy assumptions head on, tackling them one by one until we believe that God cares for us, understands us, believes in us, and loves us.

Our new book will be out April 24th 2023! Stay tuned for more updates.


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The Deep Spirituality Podcast is a show about having spiritual conversations. Join our Editor-in-Chief Russ Ewell and guests as they have candid discussions on spiritual topics ranging from faith to anxiety to vulnerability, inspiring you to go deeper in your relationship with God and have challenging and honest conversations of your own.

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