When God isn’t attractive, there isn’t a gimmick on earth that can motivate us to seek him.

    Rather than relying on a gimmick to make God attractive, we have to discover and deal with the root of our disinterest, dislike, or downright repulsion. That root usually has something to do with how we see God and whether we have healthy (productive) or unhealthy (destructive) thoughts about him.

    The following is a collection of supplemental devotionals, videos, Spotify playlists, and podcast episodes, to expand on Chapter 1 of the book, He’s Not Who You Think He Is: Dropping Your Assumptions and Discovering God for Yourself, and to help you develop a fresh perspective on God.

    What Makes God Attractive

    It can be really easy to see all the hardships and darkness the world faces and let that form our view of God, but what our view of God should be ultimately defined by is his word and love. This accurate view of God will lead us to see God for who He truly is.


    This article was developed by the Deep Spirituality Editorial Staff.

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