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    Beating anxiety

    DIY: Finding Peace in an Anxious World

    This is a study on how to stay calm and be at peace even when life gets crazy. Whether school is stressing you out, you feel anxious about the future, or you have conflict in relationships with friends or family that you’re afraid to deal with, God wants to be a place of refuge even in the midst of chaos.

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    What Shang-Chi Teaches Us About Pain

    Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings was an interesting movie for me to watch. It had a more grounded feel to the usual Marvel movie even though there were a lot more otherworldly aspects and exploration of East Asian culture surrounding it. When faced with painful experiences in our past, we can either let it twist

    What Makes God Attractive

    It can be really easy to see all the hardships and darkness the world faces and let that form our view of God, but what our view of God should be ultimately defined by is his word and love. This accurate view of God will lead us to see God for who He truly is.

    God Is Able

    God is able. His ability can be seen both around us and within us as we see our dreams, blessings, confidence, and possibilities grow through God’s loving power. God is able to do INFINITELY more than anything we can even think of. When we have a relationship with Him, this power is at work not

    What’s So Spiritual About Battle Royales?

    Battle Royale is a game mode that has launched a wide variety of games that lets people play on a huge battlefield. You have no one besides your teammates. You have to learn to survive together in this unforgiving world where everyone is just out for themselves.  When I first started playing Battle Royale games

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    Return to God

    It is too easy to go through our busy lives choosing to focus on the myriad of things we have going on and the emotions we feel instead of our relationship with God. But there was a time when you were close to God. Would do anything for Him and worked to be close to him. How do you get there again?


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